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I currently hold the position of 0.8 Lecturer in Creative Communications Lecturer across the School of Design and Technology. In this role work directly under the Creative Director, helping to develop portfolios, illustrations and print, as well as lecturer in all other facets of visual communication across the school. I am also responsible for many of the live industry briefs, dealing with both the tutoring and administration on these projects.

I feel at current my approach has been quite guttural and instinctive, but lacks academic rigour. By undertaking this qualification it help me learn strategies to structure my teaching better so the contact time I have with the students is used more efficiently, enhancing both the experience for the students and myself. I also hope that a will learn a range of different teaching methodologies that will help me work more effectively with different types
of learners.

4 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Hi Thomas, I think you said that you teach at LCF – is that right? Is your teaching very computer orientated or do you also teach traditional drawing and printing methods etc.? When you do live briefs, does that mean that the students will get work published at the end of a project or are they just the kind of briefs that they might have ‘in the real world’? Do you get any time to do your own work?

    • Hello Anna
      The teaching is pretty broad, I do teach the computer based stuff, but I like to keep it balanced with the hand rendered and traditional print stuff.

      We have quite a few live projects with LCF that work is published at the end, we have just finished up a brief with Nike for a new app they have developed to encourage sustainability in fashion.

      I do still run my own practise I have a small studio which does print, digital and installations for the fashion industry. Here is a link to something that we did for LCF recently.


  2. Hi Thomas, it sounds like the subject breadth of your teaching is really wide. Do you teach to very large group numbers at LCF? I had a look at a film you did with LCF students and The National Ballet – looked really beautiful – was it a valuable teaching experience for you and the students? . Also had a look at the link to work on ‘It’s Nice That’ site – are you involved often?

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